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Introduction of Odoo

Introduction of Odoo

Introduction of Odoo Open-source ERP software Odoo is based on Python. Odoo SA, a Belgian company, released its first official release in 2005. A wide range of products are available, including CRM, e-commerce, billing and accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory management. Licensed under GNU LGPLv3, the Community version is free software. There are […]

How Does Data Visualization Work?

Data Visualization

How Does Data Visualization Work? Defining, describing, and providing examples Data visualization involves presenting information visually. To view trends, outliers, and patterns, charts, graphs, and maps are useful. Big Data enables the analysis of vast amounts of information and the taking of data-driven decisions through the use of data visualization tools. Getting started with data […]

Application Rationalization through Google Cloud’s CAMP Framework

On April 6th, 2022, Google Cloud established a new partnership with CAST, to help accelerate the migration and application modernization programs of customers worldwide, complementing the Google capabilities already available through the Google Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP). Application Rationalization (App Rat) is the first step towards a cloud adoption or migration journey, through which you go over […]

Facing the challenges of live event streaming with AWS Marketplace

Streaming has completely changed how entertainment is consumed. Audiences have moved to view streaming digital content online rather than through traditional linear cable and broadcast providers. With most now watching shows on their own schedules, sporting events are one of the few that people continue to watch live. These events garner some of the largest […]

Announcing public preview of datamart in Power BI

Post Source Today, Arun Ulagaratchagan, CVP Intelligence Platform announced the preview of datamart in Power BI.  Datamart in Power BI is a new self-service capability included with Power BI Premium that enables users to uncover actionable insights through their own data without any help from IT teams. For the first time, we are empowering everyone with […]

Democratize enterprise analytics with Microsoft Power BI

Post Source It’s that time of year again—welcome back to Microsoft Build. Microsoft Build represents the ultimate developer event. A hundred thousand developers from across the world gather for three days with their peers to learn, engage, and collaborate on the latest innovations and tools from Microsoft. With over three million active developers on Microsoft Power […]