What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo, the world’s most popular ERP software, is an open-source application suite for your business needs. It offers Accounting, Sales, CRM, eCommerce, Manufacturing, Inventory, HR, and many other modules.

Odoo’s benefits include:

  • Business integration and Improved Data Accuracy
  • Real-time information with Decision Support Tools
  • Improved visibility, Boost Efficiency and Productivity
  • Establishment of Standardized Procedures
  • Reduced lead times and increased operational efficiency
  • Flexibility and technology

Bellatrix, a Certified Odoo Partner, is dedicated to delivering top-notch business solutions to its clients. We have developed a wide range of ERP solutions that address a wide range of business needs. We provide comprehensive and cost-effective Odoo ERP solutions to our clients, ensuring their success and growth.
Likewise, we are a trusted partner for companies looking to adopt Odoo because we deliver exceptional service and support. Let Bellatrix help you reach new heights with an Odoo implementation that is reliable and efficient.

Odoo Partner

Odoo ERP Services

Bellatrix Solutions offers many Odoo services for your company, including.

Odoo ERP Features

Odoo Features for your organization’s process automation

Why Choose Bellatrix Solutions As Your Odoo Implementation?

Your ERP system is important: 

it’s the backbone of your business, the way you easily communicate data and information from one place to another and get insights into how your company is doing.

When implementing Odoo ERP, you want your project done with this in mind. You shouldn’t spend months and months or years with an instance that doesn’t work properly or lacks the features you need to grow.

At Bellatrix Solutions, your Odoo needs are handled by the industry’s best.

What Our Customers Says…

Bellatrix Solutions was a partner from the beginning. They were able to offer a solution to our complex, hybrid requirements and support us through the entire process. The sales and implementation teams are incredibly talented and dedicated to our success.

– Adam, System Nexgen

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