As great of a tool tableau is, there’s always an issue with a custom request from the users creating a calendar on the dashboard, creating excel sheets, or even a custom apply button on filters.
This writing will give you the idea of creating a filter that would simultaneously apply to all your filters.
Let’s get started

Take this dashboard, for example. Every time you select a filter, your data will change accordingly. What if we want to select all the filters first and then have an apply button to apply all the selections
for that, we would have to create another sheet with all of the filters and all of the dimensions in the detail

You can create a calculated field for an apply button or just put a single quote and type apply and between. In my case, I’m just writing an application to text.
I am going to give a single select value on my filters, so I’m not worried about the apply button being invisible if I uncheck all of the values
once this is done, let’s go back to the dashboard and add our new sheet

Once we have the sheet on our dashboard, let’s hide the title and change the formatting to make it look a little adorable. I changed the background color to light blue to make it a distinct button.
Now let’s go to the dashboard actions and create a new action.

Once we have the action filter open, let’s rename it and select the new sheet in the source sheet. In this case, I called it the apply filter sheet; uncheck all the other sheets and on the target sheet, uncheck the apply filter sheet and check all the other sheets you want this filter to be applied on; click on the selected field at the bottom and enter your fields manually remember to enter all of the fields that you have entered in a filter and details make sure you select run action on select and make sure in the clearing the selection will keep filtered values.

once this is done click OK and click OK and your filter should be working.

Thank you very much, please feel free to ask questions if you have any.